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SOLZHENITSYN A.N. (1918-2008), AUTOGRAPH Collected works

Collected works: in 20 vols. Vermont; Paris: YMCA-press, 1978-1991. 17x12 cm. 1-18 of 20 volumes. In thirteen whole-fabric (soft) publishing covers. Collectible preservation. The author's gift inscription on the general title page of Volume 1: "To Sergey Nersesovich Krikorian with warm gratitude / A. Solzhenitsyn / September 1980". Provenance: Sergey Nersesovich Krikorian (1925-2015) - Son of a white officer. Since early 1960s he lived in Switzerland, was a member of various Russian Diaspora communities and the Russian circle at the University of Geneva. He attentively monitored the literary process and did not miss an opportunity to get acquainted with writers who left their Homeland or came from the Soviet Union. An outstanding bibliophile, he has collected an excellent library. First edition of Solzhenitsyn's collected works. Prepared for printing personally by the author.
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