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DENIKIN A.I. (1872-1947) Handwritten letter addressed to General N. N. Stogov.

Paris, May 25, 1933. 10, 5x15 cm. On a postcard. A. I. Denikin informs that P. V. Koltyshev had a surgery and he was in the hospital of Mirabeau. Koltyshev Peter Vladimirovich (1894-1988) - Colonel, comrade in arms of General A. I. Denikin: for many years helped the General to collect the materials for 'Essays of the Russian turmoil', organized his public speeches, accompanied him in his trips to London, Belgrade and Prague. Since May 1920 - assistant to the commandant of Sevastopol General N. N. Stogov. Provenance: Stogov Nikolai Nikolaevich (1873-1959) - a participant in the World War I and Civil war. He was a Chairman of the Board of the officers community of the 1st div. of ROVS in exile.
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