EMILE DRAIN (1890-1966) - NAPOLEON I COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS, PROGRAMMES, MAGAZINE 1920S. Numerous film photographs, photographic portraits featuring the actor Emile Drain «The Napoleon of the screen»

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including: - Program and album, film “Madame Sans-Gêne” by Léonce Perret film from 1925. - Magazine and photographs, film “Madame Récamier” by Gaston Ravel and Tony Lekain from 1928. - Photographs, film “Un drame sous Napoléon” by Gerard Bourgeois from 1921. - Photographs, film “L’Aiglonne” by Émile Keppens and René Navarre from 1921. Approximately 69 photographs Black & White. Various dimensions from 30 x 23,5 cm to 17 x 23,5 cm