EDWARD G. ROBINSON (1893-1973) Typed letter signed and big photograph for “Double Indemnity”

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1) Typed letter signed “Edward G. Robinson” to Mr Harold Latham, at North Jersey press Bureau, thanking him for an article he wrote about him. “… Thank you for the excellent article, so well-done and so faithfully quoted…” 1p. in English 2) Black & White photograph mounted to cardboard, film information, in French, printed on the mount (lower edge) 30 x 24 cm Rare set Provenance: Private collection, South of France Edward G. Robinson (Emanuel Goldenberg) was one of the most prestigious actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The film “Double Indemnity” is a 1944 American psychological thriller directed by Billy Wilder, based on James M.Cain’s 1943 novel.