THE DOLLY SISTERS ROSE “ROSIE” DOLLY (1892-1970) JENNY DOLLY (1892-1941) Three photographs dedicated and signed “Dolly Sisters”

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1) dedicated and signed upper left Photographer signature “Walery Paris” lower left on image 2) dedicated and signed lower right Signature of the photographer «R.Sobol Paris» in the lower right corner and stamp on the reverse. 3) dedicated and signed lower left stamp «reproduction interdite» on the back Different sizes Provenance: Private collection, South of France Rosie Dolly (Rózsika Deutsch) and Jenny Dolly (Janka Deutsch) were Hungarian-American identical twin dancers, singers and actresses, popular during the 1910s and 1920s. Stanisław Julian Ignacy Ostroróg (1863-1929) also known as Lucien Waléry, Stanislas Waléry and Laryew was a Polish-born British photographer, active mainly in Paris, who produced, a remarkable gallery of portraits related to the nightlife, covering the Belle Époque period and the Roaring Twenties. He inherited his father’s studio, Stanisław Julian Ostroróg and its brand name, «Walery», Frenchified «Waléry». Ruben Sobol (1889-1944) was a naturalized French photographer (March 1927) of Jewish origin born in Belarus. He moved to Paris in 1911 and set up his own business three years later. In 1918, he specialised in portraits of personalities from the world of entertainment: Maurice Chevalier, Mistinguett, Joséphine Baker, the Dolly Sisters…, shooting on the main Parisian stages: Folies-Bergère, Casino de Paris, Palace… He also took numerous fashion photographs and was present on several film shoots, collaborating with numerous newspapers and magazines in France and abroad.