KAMENEV L.B. (1883-1936), AUTOGRAPH Certificate in the name of Henri Guilbeau. Issued on March 24, 1919.

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3 5004 000
1 с. 27.7x21 cm. On the letterhead of the Chairman of the Moscow Council of the RSFSR. Uncut. Seal. Handwritten signature of L.B. Kamenev. Traces of moisture. Requests all possible assistance to Henri Guilbeau and his interpreter, to be admitted to all meetings. Notes that Comrade Guilbaud does not speak Russian. Lev Borisovich Kamenev (1883-1936), Russian revolutionary, Soviet party and state leader. A prominent Bolshevik, one of Lenin’s oldest associates. Chairman of the Mossovet (1918-1926). Henri Guilbaud (1884-1938) was a French leftist poet, journalist, publicist and politician. During the First World War joined the left-wing internationalist and pacifist group in Switzerland. In 1919 he arrived in Russia, took part in the 1st Congress of the Comintern and was soon included in its executive committee. In the 20s he was a correspondent for Humanite in Berlin