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English int rifle «Land Pattern Musket» of a sample from 1722.

Modi cations « India Pattern » of a sample from 1797. The unof cial name of this weapon is nicknamed « Brown Bess » Overall length - 138.8 cm; barrel - 99.6 cm; caliber - 1.99 cm. The gun consists of a stock, a barrel, a intlock and a brass instrument. Steel ramrod. The barrel is steel, smooth, round in cross section. At the top of the muzzle of the steel tide for attaching the bayonet, which could be used as a y. Rear sight in the form of a slot in the shank of the barrel. The trigger is xed on the axis (transverse pin). There is an inscription of the manufacturer: “TOWER” and the stamp in the form of letters “GR” next to the royal crown. In addition to the name of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture, there are other markings on the weapon as well as technological stamps: crossed swords under the crown, “GR” with an arrow pointing downwards under the crown, “SG” on the right in the upper breech, poorly visible stamp;“TL” - the number “32” in white paint; at the bottom of the butt - “HB». England, British East India Company, 1810s. Condition: good.
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