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French ri e with a intlock, model 1777.

Overall length - 151.2 cm; barrel - 113.4 cm; caliber - 1.8 cm The gun consists of a stock, a barrel, a intlock and a steel device. Steel ramrod. The barrel is steel, smooth, round in cross section. The trigger is xed on the axis (transverse pin). Steel trigger, is a curved steel plate with slots for fastening screws, the trigger and the trigger hook. Steel trigger guard, with holes for mounting screws. Flint lock, shock type is xed in the box with two screws. There is an inscription of the manufacturer: “Manuf. Imp. de St.Etienne «and the stamp in the shield. In addi- tion to the name of the manufacturer and the year of release, there are other markings on the weapon as well as technological stamps: on the barrel in the upper breech on the left is “2 star C star 29 star”, “P” under the crown, “1814” and poorly readable stamp; mark in the oval; on the front ring there are two poorly visible marks in the oval; on the middle ring - «S» in the oval, «K 8». France, 1777-1814. Condition: good.
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