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Cavalry Blunderbuss with capsule lock, remake of int French musket model AN IX.

Overall length - 113.3 cm; barrel - 74.5 cm; caliber - 1.87 cm. The Blunderbuss consists of a stock, a barrel, a hammer shock lock and a brass instrument. Sights consist of a brass front sight at the muzzle and a metal pillar in the treasury. The trigger is xed on the axis (transverse pin). In the back of the trigger guard, there is a special hook for xing the bracket in the trigger guise. The outer surface of the bracket is polished, the inner surface is subjected only to roughing. There is an inscription of the manufacturer: “TULA 1839”. In addition to the name of the manufacturer and year of manufacture, there are other markings on the weapon, as well as technological stamps: on the powder shelf - “PS” and number 3; - the year «1839» and the gure 149; on the lower part of the trigger- «PTV» with the year «1839» and the number 116; on the barrel ring - the year «1839» and the gure 159; on the needle of the butt plate - the image of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire, the number 1745 and two digits that are unreadable. The presented Blunderbuss is not a statutory model, it is a weapon assembled from the original parts of Russian and European weapons of different periods. Russia, Europe, XIX - XX century. Condition: good.
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