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French cavalry pistol with a intlock, model AN IX (1800 - 1801).

Overall length - 35.1 cm; barrel length - 19 cm; caliber - 1.8 cm. The barrel is steel, cylindrical, without a front sight and a pillar. The outer diameter of the barrel smoothly decreases from the breech to the muzzle. In the breech the barrel is slightly turned and has an octa- hedral cross-section with rounded edges. A hole is drilled on the right side of the barrel. The barrel is attached to the body with the help of a screw in the shank and a steel wide bushing of the forearm at the muzzle. Steel ramrod. The gun is equipped with a intlock, which is installed on the left side of the body, with a brass powder shelf, which is located at a small angle relative to the axial line of the bore. On the outside of the keypad, a trigger is installed, a powder shelf with a lid ( int) and a spring. The lock is attached to the body with the help of two screws that pass from the outside through the “T” - a brass lock-piece in the shape of a lock. In the lower part of the handle there is a tip made of steel. In the lower part there is a hole for a mounting screw. Steel trigger guard, with holes for mounting screws. The outer surface of the bracket is polished. Trigger curved steel. France, the beginning of the XIX century. Condition: good
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