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French Cavalry pistol with intlock, model AN of the XIII (1804 - 1805).

Overall length - 36.1 cm; barrel length - 20 cm; caliber - 1.8 cm. The pistol consists of a box, a barrel, a lock, a trigger mechanism and a brass instrument. The barrel is steel, cylindrical, without a front sight and a pillar. The outer diameter of the barrel smoothly decreases from the breech to the muzzle. In the breech the barrel is slightly turned and has an octahedral cross-section with rounded edges. A hole is drilled on the right side of the barrel. The barrel is attached to the bed with a screw in the shank and a brass tip of the forearm, which is installed in the front of the body, made in the form of a ring. On the left side, a restrictive plate is soldered to the tip, which is fastened to the keyhole with a screw. At the bottom of the tip forearm hole to install the cleaning rod. Steel ramrod. At the top and bottom of the plate there are holes for fastening screws. The gun is equipped with a intlock, which is installed on the left side of the body, with a brass powder shelf, which is located at a small angle. The trigger guard is a curved steel plate with slots for fastening screws, trigger and trigger hook.There are signs on the pistol: on the barrel on the left - “1809” and the capital letter “B”; - “M le AN9”; - "M-Re Imp de St Etienne"; at the tip of the forearm - “P” under the crown and the number “2”; on the handle - "CB 1809"; - “P” under the crown; on the trigger guard. France, 1809. Condition: good
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