IVAN GLAZUNOV (B.1969) Exhibited:

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‘Pilgrimage of the soul. Unknown Russia’,Russian Cultural Center, Paris, 13 September - 7th October Venetian theatre La Fenice for the project ‘Russian Seasons’, Italy, February 2018 ‘Russian Cultural Mission in Milan’, Milan, 2017 Portrait Olga Oil on canvas 150 x 100 cm (59 x 39 3/8in.) Painted in 2017 The girl depicted in the portrait is wearing an authentic festive Russian folk costume of the 18th century from the collection of Ivan Glazunov, worn in the central provinces of Russia. Headdress «Kokoshnik», embroidered shirt, silk sundress. His works are generally devoted to different aspects of Russian history and culture and include images of ancient Slavic mythology and folklore. Glazunov’s oeuvre is strongly influenced by the centuries-long history of his homeland and the Russian North in particular. Ivan Glazunov was born in 1969. He currently lives and works in Moscow. In 1994 he graduated from the V.I. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute (Ilya Glazunov’s Portrait Painting workshop), where he headed the Historical Painting workshop in 1997 as a professor. In 1998 he awarded the title Meritorious Artist of the Russian Federation. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Russian Academy of Arts.