Lot 381
8001 200
SPb.: in the Military print., [1845]. - grav. title p. L., [4], 422 p., 15 p. with il.; 12x8 cm. The engraved title page and illustrations on individual pages are made in the technique of engraving on steel by Brockhaus in Leipzig. The engraved title page "The return of an indefinite-leave soldier to his homeland" by the English engraver Edward Goodall; the other engravings are made by Wilmar and Bentleigh. Schmutz titles in ornamental frames. In the owner's calico binding. Gold-embossed spine. Loss of free flyleaf pages, pale stains on the side field of the last pages of the block. Loss of one of the four engraved illustrated pages, depicting the seasons at the end of the book. Provenance: ex–libris "Bibliotheque du Prince Louis de Sayn-Wittgenstein" on the flyleaf. Bibliography: Vereshchagin. No. 660.