Lot 380
Collected and published by the Archeographic Commission: [12 vols.]. SPb.: print. of the II Dep. of His Majesty's own Chancellery, 1846-1872. Vol. 1: [X century-1611]. SPb.: in the print. of the II Dep. of His Majesty's own Chancellery, 1846. - [4], III, 400, 18, 14, [2] p.; V. 3: [1645-1654]. SPb.: print. of Eduard Prats, 1848. - [4], VII, 539, 7, 7, [2] p.; 31x25 cm. Both volumes in composite bindings of the epoch. Selected volumes. "Tired" binding: damaged by moisture, scuffs and stains, damaged spine (Vol. 1). Minor scuffing of the spine (Vol. 3). In 1846-1875, new "Supplements" were published, being a further publication of "historical Acts". Preparation of texts was carried out mainly by Berednikov J. I. and M. A. by Korkunov. In total, about 1,800 documents of the period X-XVII centuries were published in 12 volumes selected from the archives and manuscript collections of the Imperial Public library, the library of the Academy of Sciences, the Rumyantsev Museum, the Synodal library, the Senate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Armory, a number of Russian monasteries, provincial and regional archives, the archive of the Stroganov counts, according to the lists made by Solovyov S. V. in the Stockholm archive in 1838-1840, as well as documents from the collection of the Archeographic Commission, private collections and other sources.