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SPb.: in the Military print., 1853. - grav. title p., VII, 570, [4] p., 14 p. with il.; 12x8, 5 cm. The engraved title page and illustrations on individual pages are made in the technique of engraving on steel by masters Brandard, Floyd, Gobert, printed by Brockhaus in Leipzig. There are fire danger signals for St. Petersburg at the end of the book. Schmutz titles in ornamental frames. In an individual whole-leather gold-embossed binding of the era and in a uniform case. Three-side gold book edge. Gluing of spine on the inner side, restoration of the case, loss of one wall of the case (on the top edge). Handwritten ex-libris on the flyleaf: "From the library of Vlad. Grigoryevich Kovalevsky". Provenance: Vladimir G. Kovalevsky (1876-1958), an officer of the leib-guard Dragoon and the 3rd Dragoon regiments. Colonel, squadron commander of the guards reserve cavalry regiment (the 18th hussar regiment). Participant of the Bredovsky campaign. In exile in Yugoslavia and in France, in 1930-1959 Chairman of the Association of the Tver cavalry school. Bibliography: Vereshchagin: "I didn't succeed to see the Memorial book for 1854".