ANTON GRIGORIEVITCH RUBINSTEIN (1829-1894) Autograph musical score signed,

Лот 918
with dynamic mentions in Italian (“Allegro vivace. Scherzando”), date in French (“St-Pétersbourg, 24 November 1889”). A system of 2 staves, for 8 bars, in violet ink, occupying one page on an oblong in-4 sheet mounted on an oblong bristol sheet. Measures opening his Caprice for piano op. 28 n° 2. A virtuoso pianist like Liszt, Russian conductor, composer and teacher, Anton Rubinstein was initially the protégé of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna. He supported the creation in 1859 of the Russian Music Society in St Petersburg, which became a Conservatory in 1862, and was at the head of this institution until 1867 and then from 1887 to 1890, conducting its concerts. From 1867 to 1886, he devoted his life to concert tours in Europe and the United States (1872-1873). He composed piano pieces, symphonies, choral works and operas. Through his teaching, he laid the foundations of the entire Russian piano school. Moreover, although his compositions betray the influence of Mendelssohn and Schumann, they played a definite role in the advent of a specifically Russian music, and marked the spirit of Tchaikovsky and Borodin.