GERARD ENCAUSSE KNOWN AS PAPUS (1865-1916) “TRAITÉ MÉTHODIQUE DE SCIENCE OCCULTE” [Methodical Treatise on Occult Science]. Paris, Georges Carré, 1891.

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by Papus, Director of the Initiation, President of the independent group of esoteric studies, Officer of Academy. Letter-Preface by Ad. Franck, Member of the Institute, President of the National League against Atheism. Imp. P.Mouillot, Paris. In French. 1 vol. Bound. 1.040pp. Illustrations in and out of text, including portrait of Eliphas Lévi on his deathbed. 25,3 x 17,5 cm A veritable encyclopaedia of everything related to the magical sciences: Kabbalah, Theosophy, Spiritism, Alchemy, Freemasonry, Divinatory Arts. One of the most important books in the modern history of occultism. 400 engravings and images, followed by a glossary of occult science, an alphabetical dictionary of all terms and authors cited.