GERARD ENCAUSSE KNOWN AS PAPUS (1865-1916) «ILLUSTRATED ABC OF OCCULTISM». First elements of studies of the great initiatic traditions by Papus (Doctor G.Encausse), preface by Charles de Brhay. With 219 figures and tables. Paris, Dorbon-Aîné, [1922].

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Numerous engraved figures. In French. 1 vol. Bound. 434pp. 24.4 x 17 cm The most complete, thorough and easy-to-read work ever written on the occult sciences. A posthumous work from the beginning of the 20th century, this book is a true synthesis of the many works carried out by Papus throughout his life. It retraces the course of history to trace the evolution of occult traditions, from Egyptian antiquity to the present day, exploring the mysteries, the origins of the Tradition, the evolution of the occult sciences, the major disciplines (cosmogony, astrology, etc.), symbolism, the divinatory arts, magic… and their place within the various initiatory currents that have succeeded one another throughout the ages. Gérard Anaclet Vincent Encausse, known as Papus, was a French physician and occultist, co-founder of the Martinist Order with Augustin Chaboseau. He was one of the colourful and picturesque figures of the Belle Époque