GEORGES CLEMENCEAU (1841-1929), AUTOGRAPH "DEMOSTHEN" Paris, Librairie Plon, Plon-Nourrit et Cie, imprimeurs-Éditeurs, 1926

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Signed by the author on the title page. Printed by Plon-Nourrit et Cie in Paris, 1 February 1926 Copy n°4,331 on esparto paper, decorated with 3 engravings and a black and white map. In French. 1 vol. Paperback. 125pp. 19,5 x 14,3 cm Georges Clémenceau. French statesman, President of the Council from 1906 to 1909 and from 1917 to 1920. Major figure of the beginning of the Third Republic and of the First World War.