SASHA CHORNY (1880-1932) “Au Chant des Grenouilles” [At the Song of the Frogs] Société d’Editions d’Art et d’Histoire, Paris 1923.

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Babil et Rimes, translated from Russian by Maurice Société d’Editions d’Art et d’Histoire, Paris 1923. Imp. Union, Paris. 3rd series bis. Paul Duval Libraire Editeur, Elbeuf. Album soft cover, 30 pp, 2pp. 15 poems, full page ill. In French. 34 x 25,5 x 0,7 cm Sasha Chorny, whose real name was Alexander Mikhailovich Glikberg, was a Russian poet. 1923: Au Chant des grenouilles, babil et rhmes, translation by Maurice Parijanine and illustrations by Boris Zvorykine Maurice Parijanine, pseudonym of Maurice Donzel (1885-1937) French writer and translator. He was an editor and critic in the literary section of L’Humanité (1921-1928). Excluded from the newspaper for «Trotskyism», he then contributed until his death to the review Les Humbles, directed by Maurice Wullens. He had a passion for Russia, where he had lived before and after the 1917 Revolution (hence his pseudonym, but he sometimes signed his translations with his first name Maurice). He translated, among others, Ivan Bunin, Isaac Babel, Alexandre Sérafimovitch, Alexandre Fadeïev, Sacha Tcherny, but also Lenin and Trotsky. Boris Vasilyevich Zvorykin (1872-1942 or 1945) Russian painter, illustrator, icon painter and translator who graduated from the Moscow School of Fine Arts.