LEVI PARSONS MORTON (1824-1920) Handwritten letter, autograph signature 'L.P. Morton' Paris, 6th April 1882

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300 400
Addressed to «Monsieur Anthoine - Ingénieur-chef du Service de la Carte de France 1 p. in 4 on «Légation des Etats Unis» letterhead Former Monge collection (stamp on back) Ink stain between two lines, not affecting the text. In French. 25 x 20 cm Recommendation for Captain Wheeler of the United States Army, charged with a special mission in Europe concerning the organisation of topographical services. «I would be grateful, Sir, if you would facilitate Captain Wheeler’s mission by introducing him to the methods of your Service...» Levi Morton - American politician. US Ambassador to France (1881-1885), served as Vice President of the United States (1889-1893) under President Benjamin Harrison (23rd President of the United States).