OMER PASHA LATAS (1806-1871) Handwritten letter signed «The Generalissimo of the Ottoman Army - Omer» Shumla 16 May 1854

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to «H.E. Monsieur le Comte de St Arnaud Maréchal de France» 2 pp. in4. 1 leaf folded in two. Folds inherent to the mailing. In French. 24 x 17 cm He received Major Henri and gave him «all the information that can throw light on the current state of the theatre of war on the Danube». He also thanks for the permission granted to Colonel Dieu to return to him. «This officer knew so much how to accommodate himself to our customs, manners and ways of seeing, that his absence would be considered by all of us, as a very distressing loss». He hopes to meet him soon. Omer Pasha Latas. Ottoman general of Serbian origin, fought victoriously against the Russians, was governor of Baghdad, took part in the Crimean War, in the fight against the Cretan insurrection, became Minister of War in 1869.