KARASIK MIKHAIL (1953-2017) Song of Songs of Solomon; Translated from Hebrew by A. Efros. Lithographs by M. Karasik. Л., 1990.

Lotto 525
- 72 p.: illuminated, 4 pp; 20.5x12.5 cm. Edition: 45 numbered copies. Copy number 27. Insert with text by M. Karasik «About this edition». Stapled with string. In author’s slipcase. The ornamental motifs on the binding are borrowed from the edition of Baron D. Ginzburg and V. Stasov - L’ ORNEMENT HEBREU. The text is printed after the edition of «Song of Songs of Solomon», St. Petersburg: Pantheon, 1910. Mikhail Semenovich Karasik (1953-2017) is a Russian artist, writer and graphic artist. He graduated from the graphic arts department of the A.I. Hertzen Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute. He is engaged in easel graphics, books, posters, the object, mainly works in the technique of lithography. Was an initiator, ideologist and promoter of the «artist’s book» genre in Russia. He published books and catalogues on the «artist’s book» and Russian avant-garde culture of the early 20th century, organised numerous exhibitions, wrote articles on the «artist’s book» and contemporary art.