Petre Otskheli (1907-1937) Petre Otskheli: album; vst. St. Lili Lomtatidze; Teatr. o-vo Gruzii. Tbilisi: Chelovneba, 1973.

Lotto 524
- 122 p.: illustration, portrait; 27x19,5 cm. Concurrent text in Russian, Georgian and English. In the publisher’s illustrated binding. Minor temporary spots on the binding. Petre Otskheli (1907-1937) was a Georgian theatrical artist and one of the founders of Georgian Modernism. He lived and worked in Tbilisi and Moscow and collaborated with the prominent theatre directors of the time. Despite being widely acclaimed, at the age of 30 he became a victim of Stalinist repression. In 1937 Otskheli was arrested and sentenced to be shot, having been declared a member of a «counter-revolutionary, Trotskyist and nationalist organisation».