NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH (Junior; 1856-1929), AUTOGRAPH Signed letter to the general ***. Rome, 23 July 1920.

Lotto 410
1 5001 700
2 pp. in-8. On the monogram letterhead. Important missive pertaining to the inquiry regarding the massacre of the Imperial Family by the Soviets. The Grand-Duke acknowledges having received the general’s correspondence as well as that of General Diederichs. «...Having examined these two letters, I have made the decision to ask you to personally give to Mr. Michel de Giers all the documents as well as what was entrusted to you by General Diderichs regarding the inquiry of Ekaterinenbourg...». Michel de Giers who is entitled to receive all the correspondence of the Grand Duke, will submit a receipt for all the documents received. Here with a photo portrait of the Grand Duke of Chaigny in 1925.