BERMONDT-AVALOV PAVEL RAFAILOVICH (1877-1973), YUDENICH NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH (1862-1933) A letter from prince Avalov-Bermondt, Mitava, September 25, 1919.

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34,3x21,2 cm. Asks to come to Mitava to raise the spirits and bless the army: «At a time when the continued existence of our homeland depends on ourselves and the honour of dying for it is everyone’s duty, Your Excellency will not find it difficult to visit us and bless us for the cause of war. A letter from General Yudenich addressed to Colonel Bermontd-Avalov. 26.IX.1919 cm. On Bermondt’s offensive and military operations on the Western Front. Provenance: The Collection of A. Rudichenko