PRYZHOV I.G. (1829-1885) History of taverns in Russia in connection with the history of the Russian people. SPb.; M.: ed. M. O. Wolf, 1868.

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- [8], 320 p.; 23, 5x16 cm. In the printed ornamented cover. Careful restoration of the cover, stains from moisture, fox stains on the pages. Stamped bookplate of Apostol on the title page, on the back side - the label ‘Antique book trade of V. Klochkov.’ The work of the famous Russian historian, publicist and ethnographer Ivan Gavrilovich Pryzhov (1827-1885) is almost the only significant study of tavern trade and drunkenness in Russia. The author narrates the history and culture of drinking points at different times in different parts of the Russian Empire such as South-Western Russia, Kiev, Poland, Malorossiya (Now - Ukraine), etc. There are statistical data, it is told about fight against alcoholism and about many other amazing facts. Upon publication, the book was significantly shortened in size by the censorship. Presumably this book was to be only the first volume of research. The second and third volumes were destroyed by the author himself because he revealed the tendency of national riots to emerge in taverns. First edition. In the publishing cover of the book is extremely rare! Bibliography: N. B. №243: ‘Just after publication the book was sold by 2 rubles per piece, but now all is sold out and it is rare to find. Price is up to 10 rubles’; Sm- Sok. No. 3885 (ed. 1904); Lesman. No. 1861. Provenance: Apostol Pavel Nikolaevich (Natanovich; 1872-1942) - economist, journalist, historian, bibliophile. He managed to collect a magnificent collection of ‘Rossika’. One of the founders of the ‘Society of friends of Russian books in Paris’. He died in Auschwitz camp, his library was seized by the occupation authorities and shipped to Germany.