VLADIMIR DE LA FITE-PELLEPORT (1818-1870) Artamof P. La Russie historique, monumentale et pittoresque. Paris: Ch. Lahure et Cie, 1862-1865.

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V. 1. - 392, [12] p.: il.; V. 2. - 376, [12] p.: il.; 39,5x29,5 cm. In French. Richly illustrated edition: more than 200 black and white illustrations with Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities’ views, emperors portraits, plans and maps, images of decorative and hand made arts, Russia peoples costumes, etc. In two semi-leather bindings of the time. Gold stamped spines, ‘marble’ paper flyleaves. Careful binding restoration, fissure of the front flyleaf spine lengthwise (V. 1). Peter Artamof (nickname, real name is Count Vladimir de La Fite-Pelleport, 1818-1870) was born in a family of a captive French Marquis – officer who stayed to live in Russia. Publicist, author of a number of the Russian history books published in France. In his words he ‘studied and crossed Russia back and forth living in different segments of society and watching people in their sincere everyday life’. The present literature work is the biggest author’s writing work of encyclopedic character. In the first volume he describes the history and state system of the Russian Empire; the second - comprises essays about cities and provinces and peoples living there.