IAKINF (BICHURIN NIKITA JAKOVLEVICH; 1777-1853) The history of the first four khans of the house of Genghis; [comp.] and translated from the Chinese by the monk Iakinf. 1829.

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SPb.: print. Carl Craj, 1829. - XVI, 440, [1] p.; 21, 5x14 cm. Missing map. In a semi-leather bound of the time. Gold-embossed spine. Pale stains at the beginning and end of the block, pre-revolutionary inv. numbers, stamps, bookplates and stickers on the spine. One of the rarest editions of the author. Iakinf (in the world N.I. Bichurin; 1777-1853) - Archimandrite of the Russian Orthodox Church (in the years 1802-1823); orientalist and traveler, an expert of Chinese language, the first Russian sinologist, Europe-wide known. Bibliography: Solovyov, catalogue No. 100: ‘Rare books.’ No. 106.