COMMEMORATIVE ALBUM XIX CENTURY Commemorative Album of the Khovanskikh-Baggovut. [1850s - 1920s].

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14,5x21,8 cm. Half-leather binding of the mid-19th century with a metal medallion on the top cover. Fragments of the lock have been preserved. More than 50 pages with records of poems in Russian and French, epigrams, drawings, pasted engravings, etc. Individual poems are signed «Litke», «Paul’s sister,» etc. N. Yazykov’s poem «Ruchey» is recorded. Individual drawings are signed «Marie Boggavouth». A unique testimony to the period, which has historical and research potential. Prince Sergei Nikolaevich Khovansky (1767-1817) - Acting State Councilor, the governor of Simbirsk in 1802-1808. He was of the Russian princely family of Khovansky. His daughter Maria (1812-1837) was married to a cavalry general A.F. Baggovut (1806-1883).