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Stepan Stepanovich Zinovyev (1740-1794), Archive Correspondence letters (61) with S.S. Zinovyev, the Russian Embassador in Madrid.

LETTERS OF THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN MADRID second half of XVIII century From the private collection, Germany 61 signed letters The set of documents presented for the auction is a unique collection of letters of Russian diplomats and government officials addressed to S.S. Zinovyev over the period of his mission in Spain. Among his correspondents were José Moñino y Redondo, 1st Count of Floridablanca, chief minister of King Charles III of Spain and of Charles IV, Otto Magnus von Stackelberg, former envoy in Madrid, A.M. Golitsyn, D.M.Golitsyn, I.S. Barjatinskij, Count von Nesselrode, I.A.Osterman, P.V.Bakunin and others. The documents that were sent to Madrid reflect the primary interests of the Russian state. A great part is focused on the foreign politics concerning the war with Turkey and Sweden, Russian political affairs in Poland and other countries. Besides, it is interesting to investigate how correspondence of the Russian diplomats, instructions, rescripts and decrees reflect the position of Russia on the international stage and position of the court in St Petersburg towards Spain. FULL INFORMATION IN PDF CATALOGUE - available on Hermitage Fine Art website