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GREAT PRINCE MIKHAIL PAVLOVICH (1798-1849), Resolution regarding the request of the vice-director of the artillery department, the Major-General Gogel the First to approve the petition of the head of the Repair department Grichkevitch-Trokhimovski to admit his daughter at the state educational institute. Petersburg November, 1824

1 sheet, 32 x 20,5 cm Handwritten Mikhail Pavlovich` signature. Ivan Grigorievich Gogel (also known as Gogel the first. 1770-1834). Artillery general, military teacher and writer. Great Prince Mikhail Pavlovich (1798-1849). The 4th son of Emperor Paul the first and Maria Fedorovna. Younger brother of Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I. In 1820 he founded the Artillery College (ex- Mikhailovskoye). Owner of the Mikhailovsky Palace (today – Russian museum).