WILHELM II. 1859-1941. Radowitz, C.M., de. The ex-Kaiser in Exile: A living moving picture by C.M. de Radowitz Baron Nei...

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Stitched typewritten text, illustrations - 26 original photos, made by the author, silver-gelatin print. Leather binding. Photos are signed with a pencil. The author’s inscription on the title page: « To Mrs R. Carruthers of the Waldorf-Astoria with my best. Clemens de Radowitz. New York 10 / aug / 22». Author’s signature. The essay discusses the first years in exile of the German Emperor and King of Prussia, Wilhelm II (1859-1941). According to the author, he became acquainted with Wilhelm II in 1901-1903 at the University of Bonn, where the author studied with his sons. Traveling to the Netherlands in 1921, the author decided to visit the ex-Kaiser in Doorn. Three days, from May 20th to 22nd, were spent talking about the life of the former Emperor in exile and about the current political situation in Germany and around the world. The work was probably never published by typographical means, and therefore is unique. The circulation of such publications was always very minor and was counted in few or even just one copy. Herewith individual photographs taken by the author with the permission of the ex- Kaiser, illustrating his daily life in Doorn, deserve special attention. Radowitz, C.M., de. Тhe ex-Kaiser in Exile: A living moving picture by C.M. de Radowitz Baron Nei. [Б.м.], 1922.