Ilya METCHNIKOV. 1845-1916. Russian Bacteriologist. Autographed signed letter to Dr. Blanchard.

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Paris, October 18th, 1900. 1pp. bi-leaflet in-12, corner letterhead of the Pasteur Institute, written in French. Metchnikov asks to be sent the first part of his manuscript “on immunity,” which he greatly needs because he is writing a book on the same subject. He adds: “(…) You will also oblige me by letting me know if the C.R. Congress volume (microbiology section) will be published shortly.” Ilya METCHNIKOV. 1845-1916. Bactériologiste russe. Lettre aut. signée au Dc Blanchard. Paris, 18 octobre 1900. 1 pp. bi-feuillet in-12, en-tête en coin de l’Institut Pasteur ; en français.