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Indo - Persian Dagger Overall length - 26.5 cm; the blade length is 13.5 cm, the blade width at the heel is 2.5 cm. The steel dagger blade is curved, non-axial, conditionally double-edged. On both sides, decorated with oral or- naments in the silver cutting technique. All-metal handle with a nar- rowing in the middle part; metal sheath. The handle and the scabbard are similarly decorated with a blade.The dagger's sheath has the form of a metal (iron) case with biconical faceted "weights" at the end. Indo - Persia, XVIII century. Condition: good Indo - Persian Bracers "Bazuband" Curved steel plate covering the outer part of the arm from wrist to elbow. It is attached to two narrow steel plates on the inside by means of maille weave. All plates are decorated with etched oral ornament with oriental motifs. Indo-Persia, the beginning of the XVIII century. Condition: good
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