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Medieval knight’s sword in the style of the second half of the 14th - 16th centuries.

(Sword type XIX typology E. Oakeshott. Europe, the second half of the XIV century - XVI century). A similar artefact is in the collection of the Instituto Valencia de Don Juan (Madrid, Spain). Overall length - 104.3 cm; blade length (visible part) - 87.4 cm; blade width at the heel - 3.8 cm. Wide at blade, double-edged, running almost parallel to the point, with a narrow and weakly pronounced fuller in the upper third of the blade. The cross section of the blade is a at hexagon, i.e. the blade is mostly at, with well-de ned blades. There is a pronounced ricasso (blade heel), about 6–7 cm long. On the head of the handle on the outside is a heraldic noble coat of arms. Europe. The end of the XV century. Condition: severe metal corrosion, rust.
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