Lot 186
7 0009 000
circa 1851 - 1854 mark: inscription ‘WARSZAWA FRAGET / PLAQUÉ’ inside the oval, refers to the period circa 1851 - 1854 silver plating on copper base, restorations height 81 cm, length 34 cm, plate 60 x 36 cm Extremely rare The brothers Alphonse and Joseph Fraget, two French jewellers, arrived in Warsaw 200 years ago to start the production of relatively cheap silver table ware. They used the new French technology, copper base with a fused silver layer, called “SILVER PLATE”. In 1830, the firm received its first award for the high quality of its products and artistic design, thus establishing the flawless reputation which was kept over a long period of time. When the elder brother Alphonse returned to France, Józef Fraget (1797 – 1867) decided to expand his business and very soon the Józef Fraget enterprise became one of the most modern and well-equipped silver plate foundries in Eastern Europe.