Lot 185
ODIOT TWO SILVER-PLATED METAL AND BLUE GLASS PLANTERS DECORATED WITH IRIS AND DRAGONFLIES AND WITH FISH AND SHELLS one signed ‘ODIOT PARIS' H. 13 x 39 x 20 cm and H. 13 x 39.2 x 20 cm TETARD FRERES PAIR OF SILVER AND BLUE GLASS OVAL SALTCELLARS DECORATED WITH CHERUBS, MEDALLIONS AND GARLANDS silver mark: Minerva facing right, goldsmith’s hallmark: pot with letters ‘TFres’ H. 4 cm, L. 6 cm SET OF FOUR SALTCELLARS AND A COVERED MUSTARD POT IN SILVER AND BLUE GLASS WITH ANTIQUE DECORATION Illegible goldsmith’s mark (D.G. GARREAU, Paris ?); Paris guarantee mark: head of Ceres facing left, the Paris solid silver mark of 1819 to 1838: head of an old man facing right saltcellar H. 6 cm covered mustard pot H. 10.5 cm total weight of 7 silver pieces - circa 560 gr.