Gold guilloche snuffbox, decorated with enamel over the filigree, in the original case. The snuffbox is round, with a removable lid.

Lot 340
7 5009 500
The central medallion of the snuffbox is made in the form of a floral composition in the technique of enamel over the filigree and is framed with white enamel cabochons. The body is completely covered with guilloche wavy ornament. Edging of lids and side surfaces are decorated with enamel floral ornament, as well as white and maroon enamel cabochons. Gold, guilloche, engraving, enamel over the filigree, polishing. Case -leather, velvet. Stamps: ‘1960’, ‘394’, ‘JB’ with a scepter, the image of a lion in the shield. Weight - 113 gr. Diameter – 7,1 cm. Height – 2,2 cm. Minor enamel loss.