Gold guilloche snuffbox with enamel miniature, decorated with floral gold ornament.

Lot 339
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The snuffbox is round, with a removable lid. In the original case. A vertical oval enamel miniature is on the lid depicting a girl in the garden near a Vase on a pedestal. The case of the snuffbox is covered with translucent dark blue enamel over a guilloche background and decorated with gold floral ornament with garlands, birds and classical jars. Gold, mintage, painting with colored enamels, enamel over guilloche. Case - leather, velvet, gilding. Stamps: ‘FJ’, ‘114’, the image of an owl within the shield, the image of a flying bird. Weight - 128 gr. Diameter – 8,2 cm. Height – 1,9 cm. Perfect condition. Switzerland, XVIII c.