MANDELSTAM OSIP (1891-1938) Shum vremeni [The Noise of Time]. Leningrad: Vremya, 1925.

Lot 767
3-104 p.; 19.5 x 13.5 cm. Edition of 3,000 copies. Publisher's illustrated cover by E.F. Kilyusheva. Loss of fragments of the cover, loss of the title page, the block is disintegrating into pages. Work on 'Shum vremeni ' ['The Noise of Time'] was carried out in the autumn of 1923 in Gaspra (Crimea) and then in winter, spring, and summer of 1924 in Leningrad and in Aprelevka near Moscow. The book was written at the request of Isaiah Lezhnev, the publisher of the journal 'Russia,' however, it was rejected by him because, according to Nadezhda Mandelstam, 'he was waiting for a story about another childhood — his own or Chagall's, and therefore the story of the St. Petersburg boy seemed stale to him.' After the journal 'Russia' rejected the manuscript, Mandelstam made several attempts to publish it in periodicals (journals 'Zvezda,' 'Krasnaya Nov,' almanac 'Krug'). Ultimately, 'The Noise of Time' was published as a separate edition in April 1925 by the 'Vremya' publishing house, at the initiative of the literary critic Georgy Blok (a cousin of Alexander Blok).