BRYUSOV VALERII (1873-1924), AUTOGRAPH Late poem 'Mir elecktrona' ['Electron world']: manuscript of the poem. No place, [1922].

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1 p. 36x22 cm. In Russian. In good condition. Minor tears along the edges, folding marks, stains. The poem was written on August 13, 1922, and was included in the poet's last posthumous book 'Mea: Collected Poems 1922-1924' (Moscow, 1924). Valery Yakovlevich Brusov (1873-1924) was a Russian poet, prose writer, playwright, translator, literary critic, and historian. He was a theoretician and one of the founders of Russian symbolism. He was one of the few symbolist poets who remained in Russia after 1917 and played an active role in the new Soviet literary institutions.