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(+) MAN RAY (EMMANUEL RADNITZKY) (1890-1976) Portrait of Ninette Lyon

signed ‘Man Ray’ on the mount (lower right) gelatin silver print 23 x 17,4 cm Ninette Lyon was an author of books on gastronomy, the food writer for Vogue and Chef. Ninette Luyssens-Effront (Ninette Lyon after her marriage to Peter Lyon), was a daughter of the Belgian sculptor Nadine Effront (1901-1970). She was friends with many artists including Man Ray, Max Ernst, Oscar Domínguez etc. Ninette was a good friend of Lee Miller, Man Ray’s student and lover, with whom he lived from 1929 through 1932. All lots marked with the symbol “plus (+)” are under temporary importation are subject to import tax (5.5%) (EU).