RUSSIAN CHRONICLE [full set] [full set] Paris: ed. «The Russian hearth in Paris», 1921-1925.

Lot 327
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Vol. 1-7. Vol. 1. - 1921. - 206, [2] p.: Il.; 11 l. Il.; Vol. 2. - 1922. - [4], 184, [2] s.: Il.; 4 l. Il.; Vol. 3. - 1922. - 220, [2] p.: Il.; 5 l. Il.; Vol. 4. - 1922. - 248 p.; 4 l. Il.; Vol. 5. - 1923. - 292 p.; 3 l. Il.; Vol. 6. - 1924. - 221, [2] p.; 3 l. Il.; Vol. 7. - 1925. - VIII, 251, [2] p.; 5 l. Il.; 26, 5x18 cm. All issues (except Vol. 2) in publishing the cover. Spine repaired with glue and paper (Vol. 1), tears and loss of fragments of the cover and spine Vol. 3), loss of the front cover, the block splits into seperate parts (Vol. 2), loss of big part of the spine, the block splits into several parts (Vol. 4), ownership stamps, worn edges of pages. The owner’s inscription on the cover of the volumes 3, 4, 5: «Count Schulenburg», numerous owner’s pencil comments around the text in the same books.The publication covers the historical events of the early twentieth century through the eyes of eyewitnesses and participants: the life of the Royal family, the civil war and the revolution. It says about the Russian state collapse, terrible suffering of the Russian people during the first years after the revolution and «manifestation of unprecedented madness, treachery, and villainy of the rulers in the years of Russian turmoil». Among the authors: P. Gilyar (about the Royal Family), P. Krasnov, V. M. Rudnev, V. I. Gurko, V. Petrushevsky, Baroness Wrangel, P. S. Botkina, etc. Provenance: Vladimir Eduardovich Schulenburg, von, count (1870 -?), Colonel, officer of the life guards of the Ulan regiment. Head of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna nursing house for crippled soldiers, head of the sanitary train named after the Heir Alexey Nikolaevich. In exile in Switzerland. Member of the Monarchical Association. He was a propagandist from the entourage of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich. A member of the society for the memory of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, published a book of memories about her. In 1926-1928 he lived in Nice. Very rare in set.