SUVOROV A.A. (1804-1882), AUTOGRAPH A letter addressed to Guillaume-Henri-Francois Castres de Tersac (1808 -?), a German historian and philologist.

Lot 206
Saint Petersburg, December 28, 1858 / January 9, 1859. 2 p.; 27х21 cm. Paper with an embossed vignette, ink. In French. Handwritten signature of count A.A. Suvorov at the end of the text. In response to the request of the historian to dedicate his dictionary to the Russian Emperor, A.A. Suvorov explains that such favor is possible in exceptional cases, and therefore, not finding the work of Castres de Tersac worthy, the Emperor does not consent to the dedication. His serene Highness Prince Alexander Arkadyevich Suvorov (1804-1882) - state, public and military figure, General of infantry. In 1848-1861 - Governor-General of the Baltic region, in 1861-1866 - St. Petersburg military Governor-General, later - Inspector-General of infantry. Grandson of Generalissimo A.V. Suvorov.