Lot 122
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CIRCA 1705 (PERIOD OF PETER THE GREAT) SILVER, CARVED, GILT Width 27.5 cm, weight 372 gr. Executed circa 1705 WITH CARVED INSCRIPTION IN RUSSIAN CHURCH SLAVONIC LANGUAGE: ‘PRESENTED BY HIS MAJESTY TO ATAMAN SAVA KOCHET FOR HIS SERVICE UPON ARRIVAL FROM THE DON TO MOSCOW WITH SEVEN MEMBERS OF THE ASTRAKHAN REBELS ON 3 OCTOBER 1705’ Silver-gilt kovsh of traditional shape, with raised prow and handle, the bowl with a circular reserve, with a carved Imperial double-headed eagle with the orb and sceptre, the interior of the prow and reverse engraved with gilt flowers. The handle is engraved with scrolling foliage, finial in the shape of the head of a woman.The external sides with a chased dedicatory inscription in Russian Church Slavic language. Provenance: Sava Kochet, Ataman of Don Cossack regiment, 1705 Christie’s London, Russian Art, 2 June 2014, Lot 386 Private Collection Europe