Lot 473
1) Naumenko V.G. Great treachery: extradition of Cossacks to Lienz and other places (1945-1947): Collection of materials and documents. New York: All-Slavic publishing house, 1962-1970. Vol. 1. 1962. - 288 p., XXXII p. ill., portr.; Vol. 2. 1970. - 432 p., [26] l. Il., portr., cart.; 23, 5x16 cm. Edition of 1000 copies. Richly illustrated material: rare photos of the era. Two volumes in publisher’s calico bindings. Attritions of covers. Tears of the spine, spine repared with scotch tape (vol. 2). Owner’s records, stamp of the Alexander Nevsky Society. First edition. 2) Photo of V.G. Naumenko. New York, 1954 (as per signature on the back). 17x12 cm. V. G. Naumenko’s gift inscription on the back: «To Her Highness the highly Esteemed Princess Vera Konstantinovna from the sincerely devoted V. Naumenko, Kuban Ataman / July 28, 1954. Orangeburg, N.Y., USA». Restoration of tear with glue. Vyacheslav Grigoryevich Naumenko (1883-1979) - a military officer, a participant in the first World war and the Civil war in the White army’s rows. In 1920-1958 - military ataman of the Kuban Cossack army Abroad.Vera Konstantinovna (1906-2001) - the Imperial Princess, the youngest daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievna, great-granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I, second cousin of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.