KORNILOV ASSAULT REGIMENT LEVITOV M. K. (1893-1982), AUTOGRAPH Materials on the history of the Kornilov assault regiment; resp. comp. M.N. Levitov. Paris, 1974.

Lot 472
- 670, [2] p.; 24x16, 5 cm. 126 illustrations in the text - rare photographs of the time, maps and schemes of combat battles. In color illustrated publishing cover. The cover partially detached from the block. The book contaiens the pasted typewritten page with the gift inscription of the author, addressed to the widow of captain F.G. Turkin, who served in the Kornilov regiment. The military chronicle is one of the first evidence of the most famous and longestlived volunteer part of the Russian army. From the author’s Preface: ‘The main purpose of the publication is to preserve for future generations the memory of love of the soldiers of the Kornilov regiment to their Homeland - national RUSSIA, commemorate their sacrifices in the battles against the alien power of the dictatorship of international Bolshevism led by Lenin - agent of hostile Germany’. Provenance: Archive of V. Shchavinsky. Shchavinsky Vadim Vsevolodovich (1896-1976) was a nobleman, son of a General. In autumn 1925 served in the Markov art division in France. In exile in Paris. Since 1934 commander of the Markov artillery brigade, member of the Board of the Gallipoli Society. Since 1964 head of the 1st Department of the ROVS and 2nd Deputy head of the ROVS, Chairman of the Gallipoli Society.