VERESAEV V. V. (1867-1945) A letter addressed to the publishing partnership ‘Nedra’. Moscow, April 15, 1927 1 p.; 22x17, 5 cm.

Lot 336
Typescript. With the subtitle ‘Cooperative publishing Partnership ‘Life’. Handwritten signature of V. V. Veresaev. Stamped book plate of M. I. Chuvanov on the back. He suggests to retain hundred rubles and 5% from each of a number of authors to create share capital. Vikenty Vikentyevich Veresaev (real name Smidovich; 1867-1945) - Russian novelist, literary critic, poettranslator. Laureate of the latest Pushkin prize (1919) and Stalin prize of the first degree (1943). Provenance: Mikhail Ivanovich Chuvanov (1894-1988) - bibliophile, collector. He passed a way from a typographical worker to the head of a printing house, was an expert in bibliography and paleography. He became famous among the collectors due to his wonderful collection of manuscripts and books, as well as all sorts of printed publications published in Russia in the revolutionary and first post-revolutionary years.