SHMELEV I.S. (1873-1950), AUTOGRAPH Handwritten letter addressed to Leonid Dobronravov, co-editor G. Alexinsky of magazine ""Native land'.

Lot 335
Paris, May 3, 1925. 2 p., 27x21 cm. Ivan Sergeevich Shmelev (1873-1950) was a Russian writer, pulicist, representative of the conservative Christian line in Russian literature. Twice nominated for the Nobel prize in literature. Activist of the Russian emigration in Paris. Leonid Dobronravov (1887-1926) was a Russian, Romanian and French writer, actor, stage director and pianist. In 1924 he went to Paris to an old friend's in St. Petersburg, G. Aleksinsky, where he remained to live. He kept contacts with the Russian emigration and worked as responsible for the literary section of the newspaper 'Native land'. Provenance: from the archives of Gregory Aleksinsky (1879-1967).